Here your pet will receive individual care and attention provided by an
experienced staff of full-time professionals. Sue and her husband, Bill, are
graduates of the ABKA Ken-Tech Training Program. Sue is also a graduate of
the New York School of Dog Grooming. Both have been trained in pet CPR and
first aid given by the Red Cross. The Kennel Staff and Associate Groomers
have been trained

For Fours Acres Lodge provides a secure, estate-like setting on the 18 acres
that surround the office, canine guest house and the owners’ residence. The
Lodge is air conditioned and/or heated and features individual units for each
beloved pet.  The Office Building, in addition to full grooming facilities,
accommodates a penthouse cattery with patio balcony.  All activities can be
monitored from the office via a TV surveillance system. Pets have FM music 24
hours a day.  Television is also available. Large play yards are provided for one
on one play time.
For Fours Acres Lodge
Accommodations and Grooming for Pets
A Pet Living Room is available for "special pets" under 20 pounds.  Living
Room comfort is provided for pets that require a more home-like setting.  Soap
operas are featured each day.  

Only the finest diets are served to your pet during its stay.  Custom diets will
be prepared if required.  Each dog is exercised daily and additional private or
playtime is available at a modest additional charge.  Cats are provided with
"exercise opportunities."  We also try to keep guests entertained with our
collection of dogs, cats, monkey, birds, and resident wildlife.  

So if you are going away for a day, week, or even months, please consider
providing your pet with a home away from home with people who really care.