Perhaps you are not planning a trip just yet, but would like
your pet to look its best.  We have the finest full-time
professional grooming staff in the area.  Sue is a certified
groomer, having graduated from the New York School of
Dog Grooming.  She will be the first one to tell you every
pet needs regular professional grooming to look and feel
his/her best.  Grooming means a lot more than just
"clipping."  It also includes bathing, combing, brushing, nail
trimming, ear cleaning, glad expressing, de-shedding, and
parasite control.  
A well groomed pet is happier, healthier, and a lot more pleasant to
live with.  So why not make an appointment with one of our
experienced, professional groomers today - FOR FOURS ACRES
LODGE....your pet's home away from home.
For Fours Acres Lodge
Accommodations and Grooming for Pets
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